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200x Faker:

Another one I was willing to do for a long while, the official one is fugly and I wanted him to be more articulated, so I took a DCUC Superman Red bodie, a 200x He-Man, a 200x Skeletor chest armor, a MOTUC Techno-Sword, some blue, orange, silver, black and purple paints, put it on the mixer and there he is, one big, bad ass smurf He-Man!


Doubtless, my favorite DC character, sadly the official figures are expensive or not good, so I decided to make one that fits size and fierce-vicious looking.

Body: ML Piledriver

Head: SOTA Zangief

Hair: ML X-23 and ML Red She-Hulk

Boots made out of Foamy, Chains are real, and everything else was sculpted with Epoxic Clay

Thor -Ages of Thunder

I liked that comic a lot and there were  many outfits on the stories in there so I made something like a “free” version.

Upper body and head: NECA Street Fighter Guile

Legs: ML AOA Sabretooth

Hair: some wrestler

Cape: Made with raw fabric and hardened with white glue, then painted it

Helmet wings: those were some lady earrings made of metal

Everything else was sculpted with epoxic clay

Classic Thor:

I wanted a better Classic Thor, not as big as Marvel Select´s and not as thin as the Ant Man series Marvel Legends, so I took a ML Hyperon body, I think it fits very well.

Body: ML Hyperion

Head: MOTUC Vykron

Hair: WWE Beth Phoenix

Cape: Made with raw fabric and hardened with white glue, then painted it

I waited about a year to make him, willing to get a DCUC Kalibak head or even a casted one but never got to get it, so I took a MOTUC Wiplash head and “sculpted”  all the hair with this “foamy” material, I really like how it turned out.

Body: ML 1st Appearance gray Hulk

Upper Legs: SOTA Zangief

Bottom Legs- Feet: 1st movie Hulk

Head: MOTUC 200x Wiplash

Some maayor sculpting on the armor and hair, painting and there we have our favorite rock troll.